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Website breakdowns?

Is anyone else having trouble with their Knot wedding websites? All the links to my pictures are now broken, and I have emailed Knot customer service twice. They keep saying they are going to fix it, but haven't yet and it's been a couple of days. I know it might sound crazy but the site took a really long time to finish and now it's driving me nuts that it's all messed up. 

Anyone else going through this, and how did you resolve it with The Knot customer service?

Re: Website breakdowns?

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    Unfortunately, TK gets a little buggy at times. Just keep trying from time to time. If you want to ditch the idea of using TK for your wedding website altogether, there are a lot of free sites out there in which you can make your own website. They are easy to use, too.

    Here are a few:,, and I also know google has one but I believe you have to have a google account (which most people do)
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    I'd say just be patient.  TK acts up sometimes.  Two weeks ago it kept changing my avatar (once it was a picture of a robot that looked like Rosie from The Jetsons) and it changed my username a couple of times (briefly).  Gotta love technology!
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    So, did these problems eventually resolve themselves or should I start over completely? I already sent out STDs and other info with our web address on them...
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