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My Priest Is Hilarious!

I converted to Catholism about a year ago (1st Communion and Confirmation was on the night before Easter. My son was baptised that night too).

During the nine-month period I took Cathechism classes with him, I was impressed During that time, I gave birth AND lost my mother and he was right there, calling and emailing with his thoughts and prayers. He was not just a man of God blah-blahing words at us, he was a teacher. I was always encouraged to go find out more when I got home. He even asks questions during Mass! I've gone to church all my life and I have never loved it this much.


We met with him to discuss our ceremony Wednesday. We got all the serious stuff all the way. We have a combined African American-Hispanic wedding so we have quite a few traditions to honor. He gushed about how he loves the symbolism of the traditions. At one point, he looks me dead in the eye to ask "and when are we sacrificing the goat?" LOL.

I asked him if the readers have to be Catholic. He says "no. but they do have to be white, soooo......." LMAO (It's been a running gag since I am the only black person in the congregation). What he doesn't know is that the person I picked is white.  Laughing

I cannot wait to hear what he has to say at our ceremony.
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