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XP and WR: I never thought I would say this to my mom....

"There is no such thing as fairies"

Seriously. I'm getting married at The Texas Renaissance Festival and the theme is essentially kilts and fairies for the guys and girls respectively. My mom was not happy that with my color scheme being purple and black and with my dress being dark purple and me wanting the BMs in black she thinks that it would look like a funeral. So she googled "fairy wedding etiquette" (I'm serious here) and this retarded site says that fairies should be in bright colors and the only dark color they are "allowed" in weddings is brown (no). I then had to explain that this is fantasy and therefore the fairy dress "color" is whatever I want. She then said that there is no such things as "black fairies". That's when I had to tell her that there is no such thing as fairies.

Seriously, mother? Thank god I have over a flippin year...
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