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"Friends"- What do you think they'd be doing now?

Anyone care to entertain me while I've got 2 more hours left at work?

Ever since Nick at Nite started showing Friends episodes, I have gotten addicted, yet again. Seriously. H knows not to talk to me while I'm watching Friends. He has actually had to change the channel to get my attention. Which then results him him getting the evil eye. 

So anyway. I was pondering last night, what I thought the characters would be up to nowadays. 7 years later. (PS. I do not think Friends should do a movie, like Sex and The City. Ruined SATC for me, and I don't know why. But I wouldn't mind an hour long TV show, everyone getting together for Thanksgiving or something)

I came up with Phoebe and Mike would have adopted 2 older children, since her childhood wasn't the greatest, and she always wants to be the 'do gooder'.  And their names would be something crazy. Like Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.
Anyone else care to add? Please. I'm bored. =)
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