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long distance planning

In december we will be moving to my fiances military base in Tx , and i will be planning the wedding states away in Indiana. Now I'm sure it can be and has been done, so any advice from those that have been there?

Re: long distance planning

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    If you look on the Indiana local board I'm sure you'll get a wealth of support to help plan.

    I was in a similar situation, where my fiance was in Texas, and I was in Arizona planning our wedidng in Arizona.  Our outfits were bought in California, and a lot of the items were purchased online, or overseas (e.g. wedding programs, invitations, favors, etc).

    Even if you can't be there in person, the internet is wonderful place to read reviews, and research in advance.

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    Thank you!
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    I planned the last 6 months long distance.  It was really inconvenient but not impossible.  Make sure to do any cake/caterer tastings before hand.  This was one thing I regretted not doing in advance.  Try to book as many vendors as possible before you leave.
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    I planned my wedding long distance.

    IMy wedding was only runined because a tropical storm with 60 mph winds showed up.  (I actually do not think it was runined we had a blast).

    Apparently it does not matter weather you are local or not, TS's come when they want.. It was what it was..

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    Definitely book all your main vendors before you leave. We planned the whole wedding long distance (we live in GA, from OH). It can be hard at times, but can be done. If you have people that are willing to help, take them up on it. My parents did nothing for us, but H paren'ts were great. We were not able to be home for the tasting, but H parents went and gave us great feedback. We were fortunate to go home a few other times during our engagement, so that helped a lot. It was nothing but crazy, running everywhere and lots of appt's, but we got it done. 

    Other tips:

    -Stay organized
    -working thru e-mail helped me a lot (esp when we made changes here and there w/the florist, etc)
    -think ahead
    -don't sweat the small stuff

    *Remember: the only thing that matters at the end of the day is that you are married to your best friend - I kept telling myself that and it helped a lot when I got stressed. Good luck!
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    My FI and I are planning a Vegas wedding from Florida; we spent a month or so contacting various venues to narrow down the ones we wanted to seriously consider, then finally took a trip out there just for wedding planning to see all the places in person, etc.  I'm probably going to fly back out early next year to meet with a few of the other vendors in person, food tasting, etc. but other than that we've been able to handle just about everything via email/phone.  Vegas is probably a lot easier to plan a destination wedding though because most of the vendors there are used to that being the case.

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    Planning a wedding long distance is much easier if you don't fret about all the details.  I have generally just found a vendor with good reviews that was available on my date and gone with it.  I put my mom in charge of the cake, so she had a tasting but I won't.  I'm not too picky about it, so if she thought it was good, that's fine with me.

    If you are the type of person who will care about every little detail, you would probably be better off hiring a planner.
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    I live in Arizona and am currently planning a wedding in Wisconsin.  I agree with most of what everyone has said...Stay organized.  Use a notebook or something; and I also set up a email folder that I can transfer all of the emails into.  Email is AWESOME.  It has assisted me SO much!  And be relaxed, I agree if you are an uptight bride it will make things MUCH harder than they need to be. 
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    I had to do the same thing. I agree with all the advice you have previously gotten - plan as much as you can before hand. But also think of the things that don't HAVE to be done in IN. For example, you can get your invitations and possibly favors (depending on size) in Texas. Also, if you have a good friend or family member in IN that is willing to help you, that can be a life saver. My mom was willing to pick up contracts, take my deposit checks to venues, etc. to make the whole planning process a bit easier. Good luck!
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    I've been planning a Michigan Wedding from Texas.  When i booked my vendors i couldn't do it all face to face I booked the church that my family use to go to.  Then the reception i booked a place that was available (we are doing within four months of getting engaged due to jobs etc).  But it was also that has catering and i know their food is good because i've been to the resturant.  As for the photographer we met with him once got engagement photos taken, i found him online, and once those came back decided to officially book them because they were awesome and he is well within our low low budget.  The cake we did on referals along with the dj.
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    I have been planning my whole wedding long distance. We live in FLorida and getting married in Mass. Do to FI losing his job in March I actually haven't even been back since Dec. Thankfully we both lived in the Mass/RI area are whole life so I kinda knew who I wanted to use and we also decide to get married in FIL 20 acre backyard. I trusted alot in online reviews and phone converations with people. Email has also helped lot. I can't wait till Aug when I go up for my shower to meet with my Florist, Caterer, baker. and buy all the stuff I don't want to ship up.
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