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Need your advice!

Hi Knotties,

Some say that on the day of the wedding “everything that you stressed over went away.” So we want to hear from you – what are the things that you, your family or even your bridesmaids seem to be stressing about that you think won’t really matter when it comes to the day of. For instance, is you FMIL stressing you out because she doesn’t like her dress? Maybe your bridesmaids are being annoying about the shoes? If you're already married, maybe you obsessed over the weather forecast all month and could have cared less that it was pouring the morning of your wedding. What are the things you’d tell other brides not to freak out about, when it comes to their wedding day?

Please post below (the more specific the better) and thanks in advance!

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Re: Need your advice!

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    oh yes please .... i need to hear the day of I wont be a freak fest over the table cloths!!
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    You won't even notice the tablecloths misseyayne!  You will be so excited about marrying your husband that nothing else will matter.  My mom was obsessed about the wrinkles in the tablecloths, and no one even noticed that they had all been hand pressed haha!

    I was really concerned about the flowers.  We ordered our flowers through Sam's Club, and they completely lost our order a week before the wedding.  They managed to deliver the flowers, but we only received half.  My husband and his groomsmen bought every blue hydrangea stem in Phoenix haha!  On the wedding day, I could have cared less about the flowers.  I would have been just fine walking down the aisle empty handed,  and I doubt anyone would have missed our centerpieces.

    On the wedding day, all that mattered was celebrating our marriage with our closest friends and family.  The memories I have of the wedding day are of the people who attended, not the details I spent months obsessing over.
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    I was concerned over the centerpieces. Our tables at the reception were long rectangular 10 tops. Our coordinator at the reception venue suggested we have 2 centerpieces per table. The more I thought about the size of the tables, I decided we did need 2 per table. So I called the florist with the change and when she came back with the price, I almost had a heart attack. It almost doubled.

    So H and I went out to all of the craft stores trying to price out getting our own vases, etc. To make things more difficult, we were planning an out of state wedding and that meant taking a whole bunch of glassware in the car with us on a 10 hour trip back to our home state. The more I thought about it, it wasn't such a good idea. Not to mention the car was jammed packed with wedding stuff already.

    So we nixed the idea of having 2 centerpieces and went down to one. The ladies on my June board gave me ideas on how to compensate for only 1 centerpiece on this big long table. So we bought fake rose petals in our wedding colors at Michael's as well as wedding confetti and sprinkled them down the length of the table. It ended up looking really, really nice. Through the whole thing I was still freaking out until I saw everything on my wedding day despite how much I told myself it was going to be ok in the grand scheme of things. Everything was perfect and it ended up saving a lot of money I am so glad we didn't spend.
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    For me, all the things that are stressing my out are the little things... I still have to finish assembling my programs, the last payments to the vendors, I'm not getting to exercise as much as I'd like to, I just want to be done with the planning and be able to enjoy these last few weeks and everytime my FMIL says she wishes she could have helped out more, but that FI & I are too independent (she should have just asked to be more involved all along!!)!  But everyone's heard the quote "Don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff."  So that's what I'm trying to take to heart!  I'm sure the day of will have it's glitches along the way, but the important thing will have happened: I will be married to the man of my dreams!!!
    Anniversary DS was born 11/30/12... so in love :)
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