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DO NOT book Cakes By Sue....

I spent a decent amount of time searching for cake vendors and had a great start to my experience with Cakes by Sue.  We designed my cake in detail including a grooms cake.  I secured a tasting date for March.  During all our correspondence there was never mention of the need to give a deposit or sign off on anything to secure the date,or to even tentatively secure the date....  I just received an email from Sue telling me she booked the weekend of my wedding and would no longer be taking care of my cake and had to cancel the tasting.  I was blown away.  I understand the need to get business on the books, I wish I would have gotten a heads up that there was another bride interested in the same weekend.  I was not given the chance to out bid or do what ever was necessary to secure the date.  This is all such a shame because prior to this, I was very impressed with Sue's attention to detail, attentivess, and quick response time.  So disappointed and certainly do not recommend.
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