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Signature wont work... am I an idiot?

Hey ladies, so I'm new to this (obviously) and I'm starting to get really frustrated. I've posted a few things already, but I can't get my signature to work. I've tried it with and without my  badges or ticker, but I'm still getting nothing. I had the codes in my signature (tried the HTML and non-html ones) still nothing. What am I doing wrong??

Re: Signature wont work... am I an idiot?

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    edited December 2009
    The signatures just aren't working for some accounts with the new format, I think.  There's at least one person on the Etiquette board who's having the same issues.  I don't know is Knot Annie could fix this for you... 

    FWIW, whenever you can put something in your siggy, you should use the HTML codes. 
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    Ah, ok thanks ScarletGem!
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    My signature won't work either.  I've kinda given up.  You might try making a new account and see if it works there.  You should probably do that anyway considering your username is your e-mail address.
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    This has been an ongoing problem.  I suggest emailing  Good luck.
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