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Wedding Party Gifts

I'd like to know what people are giving as gifts to their attendants. There will be 3 on each side for me. 1 best man and 3 GM for him and 1 male honor attendant and 2 BM for me. My bridesmaids are going to be aged 15 and 11 and my honor attendant is going to be 21. His best man is gonig to be 24 and his groomsmen 16 and 30.  His attendants are all family and mine consist of my little sister, my best friend, and the daughter of the family's close friends (as close as another sister to me). I was thinking of giving a pocket watch to my best friend, but I'd love some good ideas on what to give everyone else. 

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    Depends on their interests.  My attendants are all getting leather-bound copies of Grimm's Fairy Tales.  FI's groomsmen are getting a fedora, a poker set in a briefcase, an executive putting set, and a spice rack with some nice spices.  He hasn't figured out what he's getting his groomswoman yet.
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    Well I have three of my best friends,.... and as i am from ottawa ontario... they are huge on Tim Hortons... so i got them all gift cards... then i got them all pearl necklaces to wear on the wedding day... as per my made of honor my sister... i got her something special thats between sisters... Justin i have no clue what he is getting his GM
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    I have my maid honor, matron of honor, and 1 bridesmaid.  I got the the jewelry they will be wearing for the wedding, a 3 piece set.  It's not cheap jewelry so thats my gift to them.  As for my fiance, he had 2 bestmen, and 1 groomsman, we will actually be getting them different things, things that suit their personality.  One is in med school, so it didn't seem appropriate to get him a flask or anything alcohol related.  So we are looking into personalized gifts for the guys, and who knows where that will end up.. I know the 2 bestmen, but I have yet to meet the groomsman.  As for my flower girls, I also bought them their jewelry and flowergirl tshirts for the rehearsal. The only person I am having trouble with is what to get my groom.
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