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I bought fresh salmon on Monday night, we were supposed to cook it tonight (tuesday) but we did not.  Is it ok for tomorrow or should I freeze it, or just cook it now and microwave it tomorrow?  Thanks! 

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    Does it pass the smell test?  It should be okay if you use cook it tomorrow.

    But if you are in doubt cook it or freeze it today.

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    If it hasn't been frozen before, freeze it today.  If it was previously frozen, I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be re-frozen a second time (although that rule could only apply to chicken, I'm not sure).  I will say I've left salmon thawing in the refrigerator for two days without an issue, I just use the smell test like lynda suggested.
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    I agree Smell & Colour Test. If it smells odd or is slightly off colour, best not to eat it, otherwise it should be good to go. 3 days is nothing really.
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