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Last minute disaster!! maybe a little long....

My wedding is in 36 day, things have been going fairly well until now. My mother is ill and her doctors have requested she be put on short term disability. All of the expenses for the wedding arent due until the actual time of the wedding and we are on a really low budget as it is. The wedding is at 2:30pm and we had planned on having a small meal...pasta salad cake...well with the new issue of my mother's illness she isnt getting full pay and my dad is freaking out. I know people will say if you dont have the money you shouldnt be getting married blah blah blah...but we never wanted anything big to begin with. My question is...would it be OK to have just cake and a DJ since it's not technically a "meal time"? Nothing has been sent out about what we are having at the reception, the only people that have any idea is my family and FI's sisters....please give me some advice...TIA
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