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Need some advice from the international knotties!

Alright, so FMIL has decided to go to England for two weeks to visit her girlfriend's family with her.  She offered to get us "anything from Europe that you would like for your wedding and don't want to pay for shipping on."

I'm at a loss, but FI wants to take her up on her offer because she so rarely pays attention to the fact that there are other people in her family besides herself.  Are there any suggestions for something she could bring us back, or is it pretty much the same deal for weddings in Europe as it is here in the US when it comes to favors and centerpieces and all that jazz?


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Re: Need some advice from the international knotties!

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    I think that any savings would be quickly eroded by the exchange rate.  England is quite expensive to begin with...  And considering that 1 pound is worth about $1.50, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find a deal.  

    The exchange rate is so in their favor that many Englanders travel to the States for cheap shopping ;)

    Oh, and the euro to dollar exchange rate isn't in our favor either, and Europe's not really known for its cheap shopping :(  So I think you'll find much better deals here...
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    Maybe she could bring you favors, like German Lindt chocolate or something?  Even with the exchange rate, it is cheaper over here than in the US when you buy in bulk...  My dad is paying to fly my mom over in the spring then sending us to italy to buy my dress...

    Try to be creative and take her up on it...  What about your veil?
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