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I made everyone in david's bridal cry

Today my mom wanted to go shopping and my grandma wanted to go with us and go to davids bridal and see the dress I wanted.  Mom asked if I would try it on for her so I did.  I tried it on and showed both of them, and my grandmother loved it.  I came out of the dressing room after changing back into my clothes and the sales rep was asking when I wanted to make an appointment to maybe try on the dress again and possibly purchase.  I had told her I had not planned on purchasing the dress but my grandma wanted to see the dress. Anyways, I walk out onto the floor and my grandma gives me a booklet. Confused, she opend it up and showed me the receipt!  I was so shocked.  I gave her a big hug and I started to cry, so did everyone else in the store.  The sales rep told my mom she had to walk away because she was about to "lose it"  I am so blessed and greatful I got to share this moment with her.  She never got the opportunity to do anything like this with her daughters.  This will be a moment I will have to always look back on!
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