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*r we gonna look happy?*

I am really worried about looking happy on my wedding day. My FI and I arent the smiling kind of people its rare to see us both smile at the same time. We smile over different things and not very often about the same things. I have never been a really smily person and neither has he. We jsut dont do it. I am really worried that when it comes to wedding day photos were gonna look back at the pictures and theyre going to say " I hate this what am i doing here.... ugh is it over?" I want my wedding pictures to say " I married my best friend and I couldnt be happier!!!" I asked my FI if this was a concern of his and he said no.. he said not to worry about it. and than asked me why do we have to look happy why cant we just know we are happy? I just wanna look happy! and I have no where else to go to whine around about this topic so i came here. There has to be other brides dealing with this and there has to be brides out there with tips to fix it! Anything helps ladies!! Thank you!

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    if the people at your wedding are those that know you best, assuming they are! then they will know this about each of you and it won't be an issue at all! don't worry about it, because then you'll end up looking worried- which isnt you! congrats and best of luck!
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    I agree 100% with PP
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    I agree with PP posters as well.  You WILL look happy, happy just doesn't mean having a big smile on your face; it'll show in your eyes and body language too, so don't worry, just be yourselves and enjoy the day!
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    thank you and PP we actually are having  NO ONE fly to hawaii with us.. but they will all be at the reception! lol
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    My FI is the same way. He doesn't smile in pictures at all. Doesn't mean he's not happy, he just "doesn't like his puffy cheeks". lol Boys...I have to admit that I also have a part of me wondering what our photos will look like, but it shouldn't surprise me. I have a million pics of us where he's not smiling, but I know he was having fun & happy! Good Luck!  
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    My Fi almost looks scary when he forces a smile in pictures haha. If we're laughing, it looks more natural. Try joking around and laughing during photos?
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