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It's been a year~~ NWR

One year ago today, my cousin, Monique who was only 36 years old, lost her fight with cancer. I always called her my Hero because she, like myself, was a single mom and did a wonderful job with her son. She fought for 4 years and after breast cancer, bone cancer and, finally, brain cancer, the Lord saw fit to end her struggle. It was very hard for her in the beginning, but after awhile, she began to accept the job the Lord had for her. She started a support group, PINK, and became an inspriration for cancer patients all over the country.

If you know someone, or if you are a breast cancer survivor, know that on today, you are in my thoughts and I am sending prayers up for you.

And as Moniques motto says: EVERYBODY FIGHTS....NOBODY QUITS!!!!
And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image

Re: It's been a year~~ NWR

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    I am so sorry to hear about your cousin. Cudos to you for being so supportive and by her side. I pray her children are as strong as she was to go forward without their Mom. I am sure the Lord is taking care of her very well and you 2 will see each other again in Heaven someday. God Bless
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    It's awesome to see how strong you are throughout this entire process..Everything happens for a reason and I truly believe that..God has a plan for all of us..Continue to stay strong!! Prayers go out to you and your cousin's family..
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    Yes.  cudus to you.

    My mamaw (grandmother on my dadds side) had ovarian cancer and died when i was just 5 years old.  RIP Mamaw. 
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    Thanks everyone. It has been a rough year for her son. He is in high school now, but his dad, grandparents and family have been there every step of the way. We are getting through this day by day knowing that she is, finally, at peace.
    And the whole time, my future husband was in the room...... image image
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