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Moving out? Really Long.

This is an AE since I don't have enough balls to post about my RL under my name.  
Why? Because I'm ashamed and I guess I don't want everyones judgements forever on my real name, because I know what I'm going to hear.  
I'm probably going to get a lot of "You're not ready to be married" and that's probably true. 

So, My relationship with FI has always been rocky. We've been going to counseling but nothing helps, nothing changes. 

There's always something wrong and it's always my fault. I don't know what to do except go back to my Dad's with my tail between my legs, and have to admit that moving in with FI was probably the biggest mistake. 

This weekend we got in an arguement because I was talking about a house in our hometown that was bought by a flipper and they were selling it. (His parents are looking for a house in our old neighborhood). He interruppted me about they don't want to live on that street and etc.  He then tells me on the way home that there was no point to talking about it because they don't want it and we're not moving back (which I agree with). My only point was if they can't find a house they like, they could probably pick that one up for cheaper which might make up for "living on that street". 

So, we talked about why I have to listen to him talk about whatever he wants, but he will only listen to me if there is a point and why he doesn't care about what I have to say. He walked out and wouldn't answer his phone. He left me to go to the store and lug the groceries up three flights of stairs, put them up, take care of the dog etc. 

Well today we take the dog to the vet for shots and we're sitting there and all of a sudden he says "Oh we need to go to Sports Authority" ..Okay random...Why? "Because I have to show you what color PowerBalance thing I want for my birthday" And I said "I guess" which then led to me being a brat and I don't care about his birthday and he basically had a hissy fit in the vets office. 

So we got home and he left again. He comes home and he's the epitome of an ass from the second he hits the door. Well..things didn't get better and he called me a dumbass (because I asked if he was turning the TV up to drown me out and he says "No, I'm turnng it down dumbass")  and basically that it's all my fault and walked out again. After having a discussion about how I disklike it when he walks out. Well now he's decided that he's done (for the 3rd time this month) 

I don't know what to do. I'm tired, I don't understand why my life sucks. I just don't get it and I don't know what to do.

There's no question, Just reaching out. 
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