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Organizing on your computer

So we're not engaged yet but i'm starting to plan and I was wondering how you guys are organizing things. I just want to start planning things on my computer since we're not engaged and I don't want to do the binder yet. 

Re: Organizing on your computer

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    Pinterest and are two great sources of online bridal inspiration that are easy to access and maintain.
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    the knot has a budgeter and checklist. you can also save vendors.
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    ...You're not engaged yet, so why would you be planning?
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    Trust me... unless you know for sure that he is going to propose it is not worth looking.  Even when he does things may change and you may end up getting married later on and then you have all these ideas and it's hard to wait.  Just enjoy being with him.  Once you are engaged there will be plenty of time to plan.
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    I wouldn't start seriously planning anything until you're engaged. Even if he does propose in the future, your tastes might have changed and all the work you put into planning now will be for naught.

    I think if you have a Pinterest and want to pin things you see that you like in a general sort of way, that's fine. I have many unmarried friends on Pinterest who have a wedding board. To me that's different than doing a huge Excel spreadsheet with budget, possible vendors, etc.

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