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Random bouts of nervousness?

My wedding is 31 days away :) but I keep getting nervous at totally random times.  My fiance won't even be near by and the wedding isn't even being discussed!  I just get this extremely nervous feeling in my gut and then my mind goes elsewhere.  But then I'm all good after that.  Maybe I'm just overly excited...anyone else have this?  Just wondering!

Re: Random bouts of nervousness?

  • i sure did. wait until the last week. i was completely useless at work.
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  • hahaha, I'm just under a year away and I'm already getting those feelings. You'll be fine. Chalk it up to giddiness.
  • Funny you mention giddiness...I bet I'm gonna crack up during the wedding.  I hate crying in front of people, but I can very emotional and know I will.  Whenever I have come close to crying infront of my fiance, I get this nervous laughter going on.  It is so weird.  haha. 
  • I am sure you are just feeling excited and giddy.

    That said, maybe give yourself a chance to let some of these feelings out when they come up (preferably when you are alone or with a friend who would not find it totally inappropriate and weird).  [Maybe do some writing about how you are feeling?  That could be something really great to share with your FI on an anniversary or even with your (potential) future daughter before HER wedding one day.]  :)

    Once you let off some of the pressure of your feelings, you may find that they don't creep up on you at inappropriate times quite so much and may feel more composed for the wedding.
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  • I get it occassionally. My nervous bouts were REALLY bad when we first got engaged. They lasted a week or two off and on. I chalk it up to being really excited and nervous about all the planning.
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    Yup, I think it is completely normal. Between the nervousness and the emotions. But try not to let it get to you. As we got closer and closer, I actually got better bc I saw it all come together after all the planning and efforts. I worked up until a week before the wedding and it actually helped me focus bc it was something I loved - teaching. It will all be worth it in the end - hang in there.
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  • I;m reading this book called "emotionally engaged" by alison moir-smith that is really good about explaining the absolutely normal jitters and nervousness that surrounds this period of our lives. i'm finding it super helpful!
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  • I think we have the same wedding date and I am in the same spot as you!! I paid off our honeymoon and cake this morning and I am getting nervous! It's just so close and I hate being center of attention, so i am freaking out a little bit. its like a roller coaster. excited, nervous, stressed...repeat
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  • @ btartaroind: you should looooove this one day of being the centre of attention! Enjoy the moment with your FI!
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