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NWR: Son's Health

Well i had posted a few days ago my little boy (18months) was going to have an eeg done becuase he was having seizures in may. after waiting 5 months to get an appt with UCLA medical we finally saw them and they ordered this test to find out what the trigger was for him. Well we went yesterday and had the test done. luckily they got enough readings from my son (crying/screaming/kicking the whole time) that he wont have to repeat it. we get the results back in 2 weeks and im hoping that they can just say he is a healthy little boy that probably had a virus infect his nerves and that caused the seizures since it doesnt run in our family.

hope everyone had a great halloween i know i did my son went up to every house and picked out 1 piece of candy! and even tried to give it back to the people lol. Although he isnt speaking we said thank  you on his behalf. Happy November can't wait for turkey day!
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