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Basics You Need To Know for Choose Wedding Dress

From my friends, i think it is useful, so i post it here! and it is allowed.

Now, with some information that may help you—but if you are still unsure, please call the shop closest to you and book in a free consultation to help you understand what and why a certain style of gown will suite you best.


Hour Glass

Bust and hip measurements will be equal or nearly equal. Waist measurement will be 20 cm to 30 cm smaller than the bust and hips.

Slim Hour glass figures can wear almost anything.

Fuller figured hour glass figures are best with structured waists and firmer material, but can also choose a variety of tops and skirts.

Pear Shaped

Small upper body, usually with small shoulders and bust. Small waist, but the hips and bottom two or more sizes bigger than the top; waist 20 cm to 30 cm smaller than the bust measurement; hips 15 cm plus bigger than the bust.

IT IS SO LONG, To be continued.....
If you need pics to help you understand, leave a message.

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