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Haven't re-set our date yet... I am bringing Winter to PHX!!

We go tomorrow to our venue and I was just chatting with a gf of mine. I thought how about a winter wedding:)!! FI loved that idea. It would be great in PHX too! Since we don't get much "winter weather". After having such a hard time thinking of fall colors to go with my dress(its b/w) I thought heck with it. If I do a winter wedding and do charcoal,icy blue and creams, it'll look so pretty! I can put my only BM/MOH in a charcoal dress and have her hold beautiful cream flowers. Only problem is my venue has a lot of green inside. BUT has tons of twinkle lights too! I am thinking yes on a winter wedding instead of fall! Longer wait but I love it a little more!!! Hot cocoa,cider and gingerbread man cookies!! Yummmyyyy!

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