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too young to get married??

Hey Ladies!

So I went to have my dress altered today at a local seamstress.  I walked in and she recognized me from a few years ago, when she altered my violin recital gown. I said my wedding is in 3 months and she goes "it's too early".. and I said "that's okay, I don't really plan on losing weight etc" and she goes, "no, how old are you? its too early for you to get married"..

First of all, I am 23 and 4 months..... second of all, who says that!!?!?? I'm giving her business a SECOND time and literally the first thing she says is that I'm too young to get married... and she kept insisting it!!!  I was really at a loss for words, but I was nice and had the fitting...

I know I should let it roll off my back but what the heck???
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