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jealousy or am I just tripping

Me and My fiance have been offically Enagaged for 2 weeks, and it seems that ever since me and him got together his sister is jealous of our relationship, beacuse we are the "perfect couple" cus we barely argue and are so in love and i corrected her and said that we do argue we just get over them so easily. well just recently she comtend on a picture of my engagement ring witch ive had up for 2 weeks and she knew about our engagement as soon as it happend so i had a few comments from ppl but not from her well her boyfriend just recently got her a promise ring yesteray and as soon as she got her's she went on my page and commented on my picture saying "It looks like it might fall of easily" witch i found kinda rude for her to just post that and not "wow it's verry pretty, but it looks a lil loose. i mean hey way to rain on my parade. it made me wanna go on her pic and post it looks a lil tight cus it does but im not a child so i just rubbed it off. (now im not gonna lie it is loose but were getting it re-sized). now her brother kinda agreed with me that it seems a tad bit of jealousy. so what do you ladies think??

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Re: jealousy or am I just tripping

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    There's really not anything that you can or should do about it. Just let her calm down and try not to rub wedding things in her face in the meantime.

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