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How did you meet your FH?


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  • FI and I actually had went to chuch together for about 3 years (most of which I was in an awful marriage), he was my than best friends brother in law. I started a church softball team and we decided that we needed a coach, another girl had a crush on FI, and said to pick him. I fought her on it all the way, but than always found myself texting him the most ridiculous things just to talk with him. My friend got mad that we talked so much and started accusing us of sleeping together, and we def were not! We got tired of all the rumors and we were like, we should just be FF's since we are getting accused of it. Well, we never got that far, we started doing alot of things with the team, and hanging out with his friends, and when we finally got to go out we were already both head over heels in love, eventhough we fought it all the way. The last thing I wanted was another relationship, and he wanted nothing more than to enjoy his freedom. By October we were engaged with a wedding date in June 2014, but a few months ago decided, why wait when neither of us have ever been so sure, and switched it to August 10th of this year!
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  • H and I met at a bar.  I went up to the bar to order a drink next to where he was waiting as well, so he started talking to me.  His pickup line was "you're short".  LOL.  We went on our first date the next night and have been together ever since.
  • FI and I met each other in the green room of the theatre building at college. I had actually thought that he played for the other team! As it turns out he wasn't, in fact he was in a long-term relationship with his now ex. We started talking and hanging out outside of class with friends, eventually just the two of us would run over to the nearest movie theater and see a movie together. When we realized our feelings for each other he broke up with his ex and we started dating. We both lost friends because of this. Six weeks after we started dating we were in a really bad car accident. He was alright but I was confined to a wheelchair and had to go through a lot of physical therapy to walk again. He moved in temporarily with me and became my caretaker, taking me to all my doctor's appointments, wheeling me around school, even sleeping on my bedroom floor for my midnight bathroom trips! He easily won over my family and eventually our friends gave us support. We're getting married a week shy of our four year anniversary. There's no one else I can imagine spending my life with.

    Wow this sounds like a soap opera!
  • We went to high school together had most of our classes together freshmen year. We did marching band together and hung out then dated for a few months. He was my first boy friend and i was scared to death about it so we broke up. He moved to another school my dad got orders to another state for two years. Then two years later after high school i moved back to there ( va ) and we met up again. We started talking and texting alot. I then went out to school in missouri and was dateing this guy from high school that went to college with me. He turned into a jerk so we broke up and went home for break and went on a date with him.  After that the rest is history we fell in love and its been 7 and a half years. 

    We had to wait till after i got out of school before we married. Then had to put it off more because we had to move for my job. finally we started planning lasy july and now are getting married in oct. We couldnt be more perfect for each other we just what each other needs. 
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    [QUOTE]A friend of mine told me to give all reasonable guys a shot in regards to online dating because she initially kept telling one guy to go away and eventually, she agreed to meet him and is now married to him. She said "What's the harm?" Well, there's no harm but I could probably write an entertaining book about meeting 30 guys in 2 months that includes a visit to a guy's house who's hobby is to pretend he's a Ghostbuster. I was about to give up and take a really crazy job position an hour away that would not be conducive to having a new relationship... and then I starting talking to FI. I really liked him but I knew he was disabled so didn't think I was going to be interested in him but said what the heck? He can't be worse than the Ghostbuster. The more we talked, the more excited I was to meet him. I was supposed to just meet him for dinner but I ended up spending the night and I've been with him almost every night since over 2 years now.
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    Haha, online dating is really hilarious sometimes.  I think I went through like 8 breakups in 5 months because I had ZERO time for drama. I would tell men up front about that requirement, and they'd still try to test my rule.  *wump* congratulations, your drama llama butt just got speed-dumped.  Enjoy!
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  • I was bored and living with my parents until I got settled. In NH at least, there's not a lot of women available that aren't collecting welfare so when you get onto a dating site, you immediately feel like Danica Patrick (wasn't she the most searched woman on the internet?, if not, whoever that was). 
  • We met in his baby crib at about 4 and 2 months old. As children we would go camping with our families and shared a bed. We lost touch during college and when my parents were moving south, my dad had me look him up on FB to get his parents number. I looked him, found him, messaged him and when he was home in July, we met up for drinks. For a 1 1/2 years we hooked up but insisted we were just friends. When the Packers killed the Falcons on their road to the Superbowl, we decided to try dating.
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  • At a bar...I walked up to order a drink and he asked if he could buy me one.  I said "sure" and he turned to his friend and asked, "Hey, Hick, can you buy her a drink? I don't have any money."  (It was a dive bar and we were underage) We eloped 8 months later and celebrated our 25th anniversary a few weeks ago.
  • FI and I met back in the diaper days when my family went up to SD to visit family and family friends. Now FI was an inquisitive little boy who had no concept of other people's space. So according to his mom, he was fascinated by my red hair and wouldn't go away so I hit him in the head with a toy train. We've been friends ever since.

    Though we lost touch in middle school, we reconnected in high school and quickly became best friends. We would talk for hours a day on Skype but remained just friends. When I moved up to SD for college we became inseparable. We started dating and two years later on Christmas day he asked me to marry him!
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  • We met at a party in college. I caught his eye because while everyone had their red solo cups filled with keg beer, I was frolicking around the lawn with a box of Franzia and a wine glass.
  • He is not my FH yet just my BF. We went to high school together and met the summer before freshman year at bandcamp. We started dating before the week was over. Dated through the end of sophmore year and went our seperate ways but stayed friends. Eight years later we got back together. 
  • Kind of cliche, but FI and I met at a wedding we were both in. I thought he was a total a hole before I even met him just from stories I had heard about him. He is definitely not an a hole, at least not to me lol. He treats me better than anyone has ever treated me and way better than I deserve sometimes. He still holds the car door open for me and always puts me first. I am so lucky to call him mine and I can't wait to marry him in just a few weeks!! Laughing
  • We met on OK Cupid. He lived 5 hours and 2 states away. We met after a month of talking and texting and were engaged 2 months later. Now, a little over a year later, it is 52 days til our wedding!
  • We met 9 years ago

    He was with a pack of British expats my ex knew who work in the auto industry as engineers

    I rarely ever saw or spoke to him but casually knew/recognized him from a distance

    After myy ex and I split I asked him to help me with a DIY home repair project  

    We began dating after that

    5 months later he proposed Laughing

  • We were both servers and he couldn't tip me out because he didn't have cash, I told him just to buy me a margarita next door. He thought it was a date but id invited others as well. I found out he liked Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia so I invited him over. That's the short story of it
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    We met 10 years ago...he was Cathy's little brother...the one with the big round glasses and braces. lol 
    In 2010, we started emailing, and talking. In 2011 we we starting dating, and 2012 he popped the a front of everybody(I was too embarassed to say yes, so I nodded my head). LOL And now, in just 3 months, we will Mr. & Mrs.!  :-)

  • Junior high school :)
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