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Non-religious books on marriage?

Have any of you read any good books on marriage before the wedding? We aren't religious- so I've been trying to find non-religious books on marriage to read- any suggestions?

I was looking at two books at the library:

What No One Tells The Bride by Marg Stark
Emotionally Engaged by Allison Moir-Smith

I just want to spend some time focusing on what comes AFTER the wedding so maybe I don't feel so "down" once I get home from the honeymoon!

Re: Non-religious books on marriage?

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    When I got married I noticed there wasn't really a non-religious book specifically written for engaged couples about what marriage is like and how best to prepare for it. So I have spent the last 5 years researching and writing, and I published a book for that purpose last year! It's called The Ball & Chain and Other Stupid Myths.


    I'm from New Zealand but used a lot of US material when researching it. It's totally relevant for any English speaker (and pretty much applicable to any culture really). It has five key areas of marriage to prepare for and each chapter has discussion questions to talk about with each other.


    More info can be found and it is purchasable here:

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