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Think I just need to vent

Not sure if this is where i need to do this but this is where i am doing it. 

Ok where to start I am getting married 6/23/2012 still a little ways off but im a planner and I like to get things done plus we are paying for it ourselves and i need to buy a little at a time.

anyways first vent my soon to be brother in law and his fiance (they have been together 8 years) spilt up the last week of June up until July 1st no one knew if they were going to get back together.  but they said they were going to try and work it out.  On july 2nd at our family 4th of july picnic they announced they were getting married Sept 24 this year (like 2 month from now) of course I was upset because everyone feels thye are doing it just becasue everyone was making a big deal about our wedding.  this is where i get upset becasue everything she is planning she has copied from mine.  I told them in december my girls were wearing a hot pink color she told me that would be ugle yet now its her color.  I am not jealous im just irritated.

2 my fiance wants me to include his mom in on stuff so to be nice when i decide i was going aug 14th to shopping for my wedding dress I asked her and her mom to go.  My fiances mom doesnt drive so that meant she would have to ride with me.  Meaning my mom and my mom aunt and 3 bridemaids would be in a different car and i would have her, her mom and a bridemaids.  after thinking about it i asked my fiance to ask his grandma to follow us with his mom or ride with my mom and me and all my bridemaids would ride in my car so we can be silly and talk (and we talk about everything and anything. things i wouldnt talk about in front of them) he got all bent out of shape about it.  then i told my mom what the plan was and she got an attitude and said "who cares as long as you get there"  it does matter to me thou

3 my fiance wants to help in the planning and i love it but i wish he knew when to shut up and listen to me.  He has his ideals and wont even listening to mine.  of course that ended in a fight and me crying ot my girlfriend.

I want my wedding to be happy and  I want have fun planning it but between him and my mom its becoming a headache.  I hope it gets better.
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