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broken engagement, back together, though not engaged

a friend of mine got engaged around the same time i did and we were excitedly planning our weddings around the same time. then, sadly, her fiance called off the wedding. they've been together for 12 years, already live together, she really wanted to get married, kinda pushed him into it, he relented and proposed but picked a fight 3 months alater and broke it off. at first she was ready to kick him out and move on but now he is still living there, they are "working on it" and she is wearing the ring again even though they aren't technically engaged anymore (lost deposits on the wedding day that was to be, no plans to get married again yet). i just don't know what to tell her. i feel like if he's not ready after 12 years she needs to just move on. also, why is she wearing the ring again if they aren't planning a wedding and he is still unsure? it has lead to many awkward conversations when people ask her about her engagement ring. i want to support my friend but it is hard to know what to say and i don't want to talk about my happy wedding planning around her because i feel like it is just pouring salt in the wound.
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