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why all the drama? is it just me?? sorry kinda long

A few weeks ago I posted about my friend and sister not getting along enough to be in my wedding...then the friend went psycho and said awful things to me blah blah blah....any who...
     we moved our wedding date back so we can try to buy a home. I told my sister about this, and she kept trying to convince me of ways we could keep the wedding on the old date, by telling me how she did her wedding (in 3 months) and suggesting FI and I aren't being financially smart.
      She also suggests asking people to help pay for stuff....Id never ever do that! so when she realizes were keeping our new date she starts talking crap behind my back about me and my wedding, so I call her out on it and she tells me "I need mental help". All this because I changed the date of my wedding and she disapproves of my choice. She is now telling everyone who will listen about how awful of a person I am, and making remarks on FB.
   What do I do?? I am so mad/hurt right now, idk what to do...
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