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This might be dumb but...

is anyone having professional pictures taken while on their HM? Fiance and I wanted to have our wedding on the beach but because of financial issues that some would have had and fiance's dad's health, we decided to have it here. I feel like the pictures will be such a good keepsake item and will make awesome pictures that we can hold on to.

In my mind, I would wear a SUPER SIMPLE white flowy dress and he would wear kaki's and a white long sleeve button up dress shirt. The pictures would be simple, sweet, passionate, and romantic. I'm not looking to break the bank or anything like that. If I decided to go through with it, I figured that I would call the resort where we are staying and see if maybe I could get the photographer from their wedding package and try and use that person. I've even seen on a few web sites where one of the perks of a HM package is a short photo session on the beach. I just wasn't sure what the general consensus was around here.

Re: This might be dumb but...

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    Other than having a nice photo of you and your new DH, I'm not sure what the point is.  It's not your wedding day.  It's not your wedding ceremony.  It doesn't even sound like you're wearing the same attire you'll be wearing on your wedding day.  Sorry, but it really doesn't make sense to me.
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    If you want to do it and can afford it, then do it. I don't see a problem with it. I wouldn't necessarily do it because you will have had photos from the wedding already, but if it is special and meaningul to you, who cares what anyone else thinks?
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    I think they could be sweet. I can see where your comming from that you both wanted a beach wedding, so I understand why you would want beachy pics. go for it!
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    If you want to do it, then do it!!  Some people will love the idea, some people won't.  Who cares what they think!  Personally, I think it sounds like a nice idea, and if you can afford it, then go for it.
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    To me sounds excessive, but if you have the money, why not
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    I think it sounds very sweet and romantic! Instead of engagement pics, they can be your "newlywed pics". I say if you have the funds, go for it! You'll love having those sweet casual shots down the road!
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    [QUOTE]I think it sounds very sweet and romantic! Instead of engagement pics, they can be your "newlywed pics". I say if you have the funds, go for it! You'll love having those sweet casual shots down the road!
    Posted by MountainGirl2011[/QUOTE]

    I agree with this 100% its your wedding and honeymoon so if it makes you happy do it, who cares what others think they dont have to look at them if they dont want :-)
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    Sure, if you want to do it, do it!

    We were in a similar situation.  We wanted a beach wedding but it just wasn't practical.  So we did an after wedding portrait shoot (sort of a trash the dress, but no trashing and it was me and DH) on the beach locally.  We did it with our wedding photog and in our wedding attire.  It was great, and we got WAY better portraits than from our wedding.  I think we just had more time and were more relaxed.  I'm really glad we did it and it only cost like $300.  Totally worth it to me.

    PS.  It was really fun to wear my dress again!
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    I don't think these are any more excessive than doing a TTD or bridal session, so I'd say if you want to, go for it.  The only thing I'd suggest is maybe not to do an all-white dress.  I dunno, to me it would just feel like you are trying to re-do wedding pictures, and that might take away from the pictures of your actual wedding.  But a nice light colored, beachy looking dress would be nice. (of course, this is all personal preference, I personally wouldn't wear white, but I don't see anything wrong with it)
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    I don't think it's dumb at all.  If it's something you want, go for it.  FI and I both really love the beach as well and having some pics done on the beach I think would be really pretty.  And if it means something to you both then your happiness will show in the pictures and I think they could come out looking very special.
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    I've heard of people bringing their wedding dresses down on their honeymoon to get these types of pictures done. Personally, I would love to wear my dress a million times and get pictures from all over the place (might be over doing it, lol), but I don't see an issue. GO FOR IT!
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    If I could afford it, I would get professional photos done like once a year. I love having great photos.
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    I don't know where you are having your honeymoon but we've been to quite a few all inclusive resorts and every one has had professional photographers on site and you can schedule like a little photo shoot with them (where we were it was free) and just buy the pictures...just a thought.
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