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I would never name my child...


Re: I would never name my child...

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    I don't like names where you cannot tell if it's a male or female...Morgan, Sklyer, Jordan, Cameron etc. But that's my personal preference, not bashing anyone's name choices.
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    I just wanted to chime in... my futuer in-laws are German and want their grandson to be named Paul.  I already dislike the name but to make matters worse, they pronounce it pow-el .  (that's the closest spelling translation I could think of)  I'm mortified. My fiance and I have agreed not to share the names of our future children with anyone until after it's on the birth certificate.  I know, his parents and I will never agree on a name. 

    The names we have thought about that don't include any J's, th's, or other weird German pronunciations are:  girl - Nora Elliana and boy - Noah Alexander  (both have some meaning from our family but I don't want to have a daughter and son named Nora and Noah.. we'd have to choose one.)
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