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Deciding what to do.....

Not sure what type of wedding to have. My FI mothers side of the family does not really get along with me, Ive never meet them. My Fi hasnt really talked to his mother since we've been together (2 1/2 years). His father is passed and there is not to many people on that side. My family is small, but dont all get along. can I invite my cousins and not their parents?
Or maybe Im thinking to just go get it done, but you know every girls dream so im up in the air about it.

Re: Deciding what to do.....

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    First off, how do you not get along with them if you have never met them?? That's kinda confusing. You can really invite who you want to invite but it seems that it might not turn out so good for you. Stop dreaming!! Can you guys just go somewhere and elope?? The bottom line is that you are married, not who is there to witness it. Good Luck!!

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    His mother doesn't agree with our relationship basically (there is an age dif. between us) But we are the happiest we have ever been.  I've been leaning toward just running away somewhere lol.
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    I dont know what your budget is but maybe do a destinantion wedding because when I looked in to it you can literally do it with just the two of you. The resorts I looked at provided witnesses, officiant, transportaion to thier court houses to get your papers and everything. Just an idea. My mom talked me out of doing one but if I knew what this wedding planning was going to be like I would have left this country so fast. hahaha
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    If either sides of the families would cause stress and not be supportive of the marriage then you probably don't want them at your wedding. 

    Your wedding should be a day of celebration and most want their closest family and friends there to witness and celebrate with them.

    If you and your FI think that you would not receive such support and love from your family then maybe planning a intimate wedding with just the two of you is probably the better option.

    Before you write family off I would try settle whatever disputes there are.  This means you having a talk with your Mom and your FI having one with his mom as well.
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    Well, his family isn't going to magically accept you just because you're married.  You can absolutely elope if that's what you and your FI truly want for yourselves, independently of any other considerations, but it's not going to instantly solve your problems.
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