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My Fiance has coldfeet :(

My FI just told me he feels to young to get married. He has brought it up in the past because he is 22 and I'm 26. We met when he was 19 and he was in relationships all the way through high school and until he met me. He says he never had time to be single and free. He would go through a few days of thinking this and then he would be the one talking about getting married and having babies. I tried not to bring up marriage since I'm older and all my friends are getting married and I didn't want to force him into anything. He proposed all on his own, completely taking me by surprise, because in my head I told myself it would be a year or so. We decided to get married this summer over waiting till next. Our wedding is in 32 days and I don't know if he is just going through the same phase he has gone through before or if he really might call off the wedding. I don't know how to give him his "time" without him realizing too late that those single days weren't all that exciting as he may think they would be. :/
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