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New Hampshire

PSA/Rant: Liberty Travel

Hi, ladies,I apologize in advance to anyone who is using/used this travel agency in Nashua and is having/had a good experience. I, however, am not, and I'd like to pass it on.It didn't help that the Manchester branch closed down right after we booked our HM through them and we were rerouted to Nashua. It also didn't help that the swine flu got "big" about a 2 months before our HM to Cancun. Long story short, we switched out from Cancun to Aruba, bought the Aruba tix but did NOT cancel the Cancun tix because we were waiting for the $300 cancellation fee to be waived due the spread of the flu.Right before the wedding (mid-June) the fee was waived and Liberty Travel was supposed to cancel the Cancun tix. We get back from the HM, and they're still on the credit card, not yet cancelled. I call, get the runaround, get promised a return call the next day, and never get one. I call a week later, request the manager to call me, who does but says that this is just "too complicated" for her and will have the original agent call me back Monday. I tell her that said agent has a habit of not calling back, so she better this time. Meanwhile, she's saying that all accounts are closed and I got the money back already. I'm pretty sure I would know that. FWIW, they're also quite rude on the phone. If you're cosidering using them, I say avoid the hassle and go somewhere else. Thanks, ladies. I feel better.
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Re: PSA/Rant: Liberty Travel

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    Oh my god that's crap! You can always call the Better Business Bureau if you don't get anywhere. You can also call your CC company and explain the situation as it being not authorized. We used Liberty Travel out of Danvers Ma and our agent was Jenn McGlaughlin and we had a really great experience with her.
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    We also had problems with an agent at Liberty Travel in Nashua. We met with a woman there in the beginning of the year. We kept telling her we were interested in Sandals and told her our budget. She kept pushing for us to go to the most expensive Sandals, which was double our budget. She would not stop calling and basically harassing us about it either. I stopped answering when she called -- which she did for MONTHS.We went with an agent recommended on the Honeymoon board, who is awesome.
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