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To relocate or not to relocate....hmmm

Hi all,

Just wanted to hear y'all opinion on this....

I'm in a long distance relationship with my FI, and we are supposed to be getting married next year May...

The orginal plan with regards to ending the long distance part was for each of us to try to get work in each other's countries. And whoever gets the better job first will move...and if all else fails, I will work out my 2 year contract and then go to live with him.

Here's my dilemma now..

I got a job in his I should be celebrating right??
But..I'm fact I'm facing a very tough decision...the job is in my field, but it doesn't pay as much as I would like (it pays about 20% less than my current job) AND the duties and responsiblites are a LOT more than my current job.

He already has a very stressful job and although I want to be there to help ease his stress..I fear I will be in as much stress or even more than him (since I was told in the interview I may have to work long hours sometimes, including being on call to come to the job at a moment's notice..)

I LOVE him, but the job, although it will bring us together, I am not sure if it worth it? I mean the long hours, being on call, the 20% lower salary, and being away from all my friends and family...I mean...I am at a dilemma here..

I want to be with him, I miss him soo much in between visits, but I don't want to get grey hair before I'm 31!

As a minor note, taking this new job will also mean less money to save towards our wedding and pushing back the wedding a few months till my vacation kicks in after 1 year...

I know the relationship is a lot more important than the wedding, but so is my peace of mind, health and well-being!

What would you do?

Take the job or stay and tough it out?

Thanks for any responses...I also included a poll..

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