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out-of-state wedding & picking a planner

My fiance and I live in Baltimore, but think I am going to have my wedding in my hometown in Texas, a small city of 115,000.  I am a busy professional, and definitely feel like I would benefit from full service planning by a wedding planner, which I am willing to pay for.  But a wedding planner based in which city?  I would really like to be able to meet with the planner regularly to ensure that tasks are being accomplished and design is being carried out according to vision - which would favor a Baltimore-based wedding planner.  However, a local Texas-based vendor would be familiar with vendors, etc, but I lose out on that personal contact - which I want to have.  So, who do I pick?  I do not foresee myself going back to Texas more than twice prior to the wedding, because I just don't have the time to make those trips.

Has anyone dealt with this before?  Words of wisdom?  
Is it possible to use two different wedding planners? - one to focus on local vendors, and another to focus on design elements?

All input is appreciated.

Re: out-of-state wedding & picking a planner

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  • Texa wedding planner.  A Baltimore planner makes no sense - she's based in Baltimore to deal with Baltimore vendors.  Do you want to pay for her flights to Texas?  I'm assuming no... 

    We had a Bermuda wedding and I had a Bermuda planner (from the hotel we married at).
  • You absolutely want a Texas planner.  I suppose you could ALSO hire a Baltimore planner to deal with the Texas planner, but that seems like an asinine waste of money to me.  The whole point of a planner is to coordinate with local vendors. 

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  • I would definitely hire a Texas wedding planner. She's the one who will know the most about working with Texas vendors & she knows the area. As far as hiring two wedding planners, that sounds like a waste of money to me. I'm sure the Texas wedding planner could help you with both design elements & vendors. You two may just have to communicate through e-mail. But, it can definitely be done!
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  • Ugh, TK ate my other post!

    What I said was that I would defintiely hire a Texas wedding planner. He or she will know the area & vendors much more than a Baltimore wedding planner would. As far as hiring two wedding planners, that seems like a waste of money to me. I'm sure the Texas wedding planner can help you with both the design elements of your wedding & the local vendors. You two may just have to communicate via e-mail. But, it can definitely be done!
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  • I am living in Texas, but getting married in New Orleans.  It never even crossed my mind to have a planner here at home.  It was very easy to find and pick one in NO (initial inquiries via email, phone interviews with top contenders, then final in person meeting with top choice and hired her then).  We communicate via email on a frequent basis, she meets with me when I come in town for planning trips, and having someone there who knows the lay of the land has been invaluable.  If I had one here at home, I don't even know what I would use her for.  There are no "local" vendors.  All vendors will be in the area of your wedding (unless you are going to pay for a photographer to fly to Texas, etc.) and a planner there is best suited to help you find those.  The only thing I have taken care of here at home is my dress.  HTH.
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  • Also, FWIW by the time the wedding happens in September, I will only have made 3 planning to trips to NO.  I don't have time to make regular trips there either.  The first trip was to find reception and RD venues (and officially hire the WP); the second trip was for hotel blocks, linens, bakery, view reception site again, and tuxes; and the upcoming third trip will be for e-pics, hair/makeup trials, and tastings.  These were all 2-3 day trips max.  You just have to be highly organized with your schedule and that's what the planner is for!

    You should be able to find a full service planner that focuses on design as well.  Find the nearest local board to your hometown and see if there are any recs on there to get you started.
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  • Hire a Texas wedding planner. You could always skype...
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