Chit Chat

I'm having a bad day. AW your cute critters!

This is Rocky, one of my dogs. He was adopted from a shelter. Can you believe this cuteness was on TV twice and no one adopted him?

Bear, my orphan baby. I inherited him when my Grandfather died. He's a hoot. He's also a cuddle bug.

Captain, FI's dog. He's 14, and acts like he's 2. He's always happy and playful. FI rescued him when a neighbor moved and left him in the yard with no food or water.

Morgan, Fi's other dog. She's agoraphobic, and doesn't like strangers. But she's very affectionate and sweet. This is her as a pup. She's 2 now

And Fizzgig, FI's cat. Would you believe this lug used to be feral? His purr registers on the Richter scale. 

Your turn! Cheer me up with the cuteness in your household! 
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