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How do you delete your posts??

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    First this is 100% your FI's decision. (Why? see below)

    Second, does your FI want to end/destroy the friendship?  If you kick someone out of the WP, say bye-bye friendship.  If you want to end the friendship, it doesn't really matter if you two look horrible for kicking him out.

    He may have something going on in his life. He may be busy. You don't know.

    Edit: If the wedding is next year, don't worry about this yet. Start worrying about this a few weeks before the wedding.

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    I agree with PPs, let you FI handle this. This is why it is best not to ask your WP so early into your engagement.
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    Four months was about the amount of time that DH's best man was completely out of contact.  Wouldn't respond to email, text, phone calls, Facebook, nothing.  DH pretty much considered that he'd removed himself from the wedding, but I urged him not to do anything drastic.  Turns out he was just really busy with work.  These days, they spend hours at a time Facebook chatting.  Had DH actually gone ahead and told him that he wasn't in the wedding, there's no way they'd still be on any sort of speaking terms.

    This is entirely your FI's decision, one in which you have no place.  But I know what I did when I was in your position, and I know that I would never have imagined doing otherwise.
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    In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:14Discussion:a703b8f2-c81f-4ce9-a6f1-3deff7a519a2Post:63ba427e-eec4-47f6-aa09-42535f62a9fd">?</a>:
    [QUOTE]How do you delete your posts??
    Posted by CRaeH314[/QUOTE

    You can't.  And once you have been quoted, your words will live on in another's post.

    DDs (Dirty Deletes) are extremely rude.  People aren't posting only to answer your question. We post for anyone who may have the same situation and are looking through threads before starting a new one themselves (always a good idea).  By removing your post, you are removing the original question and the context of all the answers.
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