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My wedding colors are white and red. Any ideas for flowers, other than roses?

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    I've got the same colors and I'm using red and white gerbera daisies (silk) for my centerpieces and ranunculus, hydrangeas, and anemones for my bouquets. I also didn't want roses, so I googled a lot and did some research. My florist is also amazing and helped me pick some beautiful flowers. 

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    I would Google image for "red and white bouquets" and "red and white floral centerpieces," find some you like the look of, take pics to the florist, and let him/her tell you what they are and/or create them for you. 
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    If you're open to different flowers, I would ask the florist what will be in season during your wedding. You can save a ton of money that way. I am getting married in September, so all my flowers will be fall flowers like dahlias and mums.


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