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Back to square one with my FMIL...

This past weekend has been rough.  Between hearing from my FI that she thinks my horse, riding training and equine massage/veterinary technician schooling are "luxuries" and something I should give up, to generally being given the cold shoulder, I am just about finished with that woman. 

I have made every effort to be nice to her.  I have bailed her out more times than I can count over the last year with house payments, which have been over and above the agreed-upon rent.  I don't feel I need to explain anything else I do once my debts to her are paid each month on time. 

I am going to school to be able to find a job I can stand.  I am tired of dealing with people.  Horses complain less, and are much more thankful when you fix what's wrong.  As for my horse, she is only half mine; I lease her from my riding instructor who is up to her neck in stuff to do, trying to manage Mommyhood, and running an equine therapy facility.  Plus, my lessons are free, part of the nominal fee of my leasing agreement. 

Can I explain any of this to my MIL?  No, because two seconds later, she tunes me out and goes back to Farmville, or planning her daughter's wedding...  as far as acknowledging that Chris and I are even getting married, it hasn't happened yet, and the wedding is in 61 days. 

I can't stand that woman.  I want to elope... or temprorarily bail... or maybe just take a horse tranq and wake up when it's over. 
How in Heaven's name am I going to survive 14 days and two 2,000 mile roadtrips with her?
December 18, 2010!!! Never thought I would be a winter bride; just hoping we don't get snowed in until AFTER the wedding!
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