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Forever is taking forever!

Hi ladies! Im hoping for some suggestions of things that I can be doing. It seems like getting to forever is taking forever! We are not getting married to May 2013 (FI is in Pharm school and not done till 2014, boo) and man oh man I have wedding craze. However I dont feel like I am doing anything meaningful or things that could end up being helpful. Any suggestions for things that I could do for the next 876 days, not that Im counting or anything. haha. When is the earliest that we should book anything? Any suggestions of things that are time consuming/ could pay off to go ahead and start now would be great! If you had a long engagement how did/do you cope? I try not to think about it but that just makes it worse. Haha. Thanks!


Re: Forever is taking forever!

  • I think looking at inspiration pics, putting together a file folder for ideas, etc. is perfectly fine. Many brides start booking venues and vendors a year or more in advance (so maybe start doing that in winter/spring 2012? My only concern with booking THIS far in advance is you never know what will happen. A business closes, photographer decides to move, etc. Also definitely don't ask your WP until less than a year out as friendships DO change, even ones you never thought would.

    If you are planning any big DIY projects you could get a jump start if you know you have your date for sure (are the venues booked already)? Otherwise, I think just enjoy being engaged and start gathering ideas for dresses, decor, etc.

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  • I would agree with PP that you should just enjoy being engaged without the stress of wedding planning. Read magazines, etc but don't get anything too concrete because you may change your mind, etc. Just relax :)
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    I agree with PPs.  I actually wouldn't even start doing any DIY stuff yet, because odds are you'll change your mind several times in the next few years.

    Just start gathering pictures and ideas.  Peruse the bios of other knotties.  Enjoy being engaged :)

    ETA:  I forgot to mention that styles change a lot, so you'd hate to pick something now and have it be really over-played or out of style by the time your wedding came
  • Thanks for the responces! We dont plan on booking anything soon, however I think we might go ahead and visit a few places just to see what they are like. I guess Im going to start a binder with ideas and try to get an idea of how much to save incase we see something special that costs a bit more. I suppose thats an upside to the long wait.
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