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NWR- they used to be my friends

this post is not wedding realated!

I had a close group of friends from youth group all through high school.  Mostly it was me, my best friend and a group of guys that would all hang out.  I stopped going to yuoth group in grade 12 becuase the new pastor was a moron and I couldn't stand him.  I came back every so often but never really felt welcome.  Then after high school I didn't really see my guy friends anymore and they stopped talking to me online.  I was upset because I thought we were such good friends but they deleted me from Facebook (not a big deal, I know) and wouldn't talk to me.  Some of them remained chummy with my best friend, though...

A tiny part of me is still hurt by what happened but I'm not sure if it's worht looking into...meaning, should I ask them if I did something that offended them.  2 of them are married, I'm almost married so I feel like it;s not really approporate to try rebuilding these friendships. 

what do you think?

Re: NWR- they used to be my friends

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    After high school, people naturally drift in different directions, no matter how close they are.  It happens.  Some of my closest friends have been men, so I know where you are coming from.

    As far as attempting to re-connect with them, I would say no.  Some women are funny about men having women as friends, and with you being "almost married" and them married, it can be sticky.  

    Stage brought up a really good point about you quitting the group too - they may have thought you were rejecting everything they believed/believe in.

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    You don't have to stay friends with everyone you were ever friends with in your life. I have several people that I was semi-decent friends with in highschool that I just don't have anything in common with anymore and we've gone our separate ways. It was not the ned of the world.

    I know you said it's NWE but if you weren't wanting to rekindle the friendship before you were engaged, then doing so just because you have a wedding and might want to invite them is not a good enough reason to get back in touch IMO.
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