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judgemental friends & family?

Re: judgemental friends & family?

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    Oh, people always have opinions. I've heard some of the worst ideas from family members, haha. The best thing to do is just kinda smile and nod or say "thanks for the idea, but I think this is what we're going with" or something. Then avoid wedding talk with that person :-)
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    I have gotten some not so great advice/ opinions from just about everyone (my mom, my fmil, my BM's) about the shoes, the venue (no one has even seen it yet, they just offer other suggestions when my venue is already booked, hello!), the ceremony site (my backyard), my bm's selection. I just take it in, smile and let it go. When it comes to big events, people tend to want to give their opinions on everything. 

    I did take one of my bm's advice and change the time of the ceremony an hour later though.
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    Well, then it is a good thing they aren't getting married at your venue isn't it? I can't tell you the number of times someone has said "oh, and is that like a country club or something?" when I tell them I'm getting married at the Sportsman's Club here. 

    Let others have their opinions, but try not to let them bother you.  If they do, stop sharing your plans with them unless it is necessary.
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    They DON'T have a say. Go with what you want. 
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    my girls give their opinion when I dont want it. but i know they mean well
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    Just simply thank them for their input, and tell them you'll keep it in mind, even if you don't. Haha.
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    Both of my grandparents whom I love dearly have been throwing their sideways comments at me since I told them where is was getting married, NOT in church. They are very upset and would like to tell me so every chance they get. When it gets to be to much they need to stop, telling them they need to knock it off isn't wrong. This is your wedding lady and its not their decision. Let it roll off your shoulders girl people will always have opinions, but in this case yours and your FI are the only ones that matter. 
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