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a wedding and 2 baby showers.

Am getting married in July and both my sisters will be flying down for the wedding. Both my sisters are my matron of honor and both are pregnant. My problem is that my mother is planning to throw a baby shower for both of them the day before or the morning of my wedding. I have spoken to my mother about how busy this time will be and she agrees, but I sort of feel a little bit selfish asking my mother not to have a baby showerfor my sisters and then i feel like this is my special time...they both had their wedding where they were the main focus... My family members are calling me and telling me we should have a small baby shower for my sisters... Am i being selfish ??? I tend to stress and my fiance and I feel that to add more things to our plates would be to much. (I might add that this is a mostly do ourselves wedding) Please if you have any suggestions that  might help, thank you :]

Re: a wedding and 2 baby showers.

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    I don't understand why she would want to plan the baby shower the morning of your wedding? Do you have a lot of OOT guests coming and she figures it would be easier if everyone was there? Thats alot to ask of your guests to attend a baby shower in the morning then go to a wedding. What time is your wedding at? Is it later in the day?

    To be honest, this would kinda piss me off but maybe your mom has a good reason for it. What about your sisters? What do they think of the timing of the showers?
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    My sister don't know, it would be more of a surprise shower... To be honest i was very upset. The wedding is at 6 pm but i will be making cookies and brownies the night before and we are arranging my flowers... so you see am pretty stressed as it is.

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    I would kindly ask your mom not to do it the morning of your wedding. Thats alot of stress. That would give you basically no time to get ready and relax and enjoy being a bride for one day. I would talk to her about it. Im sure your sisters showers could wait another week or weekend.
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    What time is your wedding? Because I really don't think anyone is going to have time to attend a baby shower, then get ready for a wedding.

    I think as long as there's not too much going on, the day before  might be okay, or even the day after. I know my wedding wasn't until 5pm, but I was busy from 10am on.

    Just tell your mom you really don't want to be stressed about being late and you think the next day would be better if she's dead set on doing it that weeked.
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    Sounds like a movie title.  I think it's way to much stuff going on for one day.
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    I don't think you are being selfish.  I wouldn't want another party the same day or the day prior to my wedding.  I don't know about you, but I will be so busy the day before my wedding that I wouldn't have time for a shower.  Why don't you talk to your mom and see if you can schedule the showers for another day. 
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    Day of is a 100% no.  That would just be way too much going on.

    Day before?  Not ideal, but better than day of.  But you still, I presume have a rehearsal and RD to attend to that day, right?

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    The day of is ridiculous. That day would just feel too long for everyone.

    The day before isn't as big of a deal... unless there are already things planned for that day. The day before my friend's wedding was endless... we had to go to her house and pick up pictures from her mom, go to the mall and pick up the personalized gift for the flower girl, pick up the groom's wedding ring, only to find out they weren't quite done yet. So we went out to a bridal lunch and I had was on and off the phone with the groomsmen all day plotting out gifts for the bride and groom, so I know the boys were super busy, too. After lunch we went back to he mall to pick up the ring, then stopped off at a store because one of the bridesmaids insisted on buying a new outfit for the RD that was later that night. We stopped off at the dress shop to pick up the wedding dress and two of the bridesmaids dresses. We had to drive to the bride's mother's house to drop off the dresses... We then went to the salon where we got manicures and I fell alseep waiting for the other girls to get pedicures. 3 hours that took. Afterwards, we had to go change then run off to the RD. Afterwards a few members of the bridal party went to some "shop" to buy "stuff" for the honeymoon.

    We weren't in bed until well after midnight and the girls had to be up and ready by 8am.
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