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NWR: Therapeutic Riding

So I've started to volunteer at a local therapeutic riding facility (as in started yesterday) and after leaving, I felt like I'd found my calling and there were a bunch of warm fuzzies in my heart. I had so much fun and enjoyed every bit of the tim and work while I was there. (DH joined me too and enjoyed it. . YAY)

I'm also going to start feeding the horses at the same barn three times a week to earn two lessons a month which is awesome.

Has anyone here ever been involved with something like this? I'm starting to look into getting PATH certified (previously NARHA). From my understanding, the certification process can take anywhere from a couple weeks to 6 months. In some locations it could take a couple years.

I was just wondering if anyone here had gone through this and had any tips or recommendations on things to read up on.

It's something I've dreamed about doing, but during college, never thought to take the courses that could help guide me that route as I really didn't have too much guidance in college. I basically have taken the classes that I 'need' and what not and stupidly didn't put much thought into the idea of looking into certification while in school.

Anyways, sorry this is long. I just wanted to see if anyone had 'been there / done that' or had tips.

Thanks! :)
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