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MIL wants to be our wedding photographer

Such a bad idea.

I don't like her and I don't want her taking pictures of me. All I'd do is scowl because for the past 5.5 years, she has been encouraging him to dump me so that he can "sow his oats".

My FI asked what kind of relationship I want with his mom. I said, "None."

So... I'm hiring a photographer on my own. I'm planning the wedding so it is in my power.

Thanks for reading my vent.

Re: MIL wants to be our wedding photographer

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    Besides the bad relationship... NEVER ask a friend/ family member to be photographer.
    At my brother's wedding last year, my SIL's mom asked one of her friends to do it because she had a 'nice' camera (don't even get me started on people thinking they are great photographers just because they have an expensive camera).
    Um, anyways, she was great before, during, and after the ceremony, but at the reception she got caught up talking to people and didn't take ANY pictures.
    Luckily they have enough snap shots that other people took to suffice, but I think she HEAVILY regrets it.
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    Yeah, having a friend or family act as a wedding vendor can be iffy AT BEST.  I mean, if they are a professional in the business, and you maintain a professional relationship (sign a contract, pay all fees, etc), then it's not too bad.  But what if your MIL took the pictures and they turned out like crap?   

    I think you made the right decision.  Just tell her (or have your fi tell her), "Mom, thanks so much for the generous offer, but we really want you to enjoy being MOG for a day, and not be hiding behind a camera!"    
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    I'm sorry, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That's the funniest post I've read in awhile.

    My FI asked what kind of relationship I want with his mom. I said, "None."

    HAHAHAHA. Right there with ya, babe.
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    LOL, ladies!

    My FMIL announced a few months ago that she's moving in with us.  Well, FI put a stop to that.  Having no relationship with her is truly what I want. 
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    Maybe have him tell her that you'd rather her enjoy the wedding then actually work the wedding. That should would not have a chance to dance and have fun because she would be expected to be taking all the pictures.
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