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    [QUOTE]Shortly after getting engaged I was so happy and excited that I asked my (fairly new) best friend to be a bridesmaid. Now, 6 months later we are now roommates but her and I are not as close as we were when I had initially asked her. In fact we hardly even talk at this point; we are polite to one another but there is no real friendship anymore. I want my bridesmaids to be friends that I have known a lot longer and my sisters and I do not wish for her to be in my bridal party. I was hoping someone had some advice on how to let her down as nicely as possible....?
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    </div><div>If you kick her out, you will most likely end the friendship.  Is that what you want?

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    My cousin kicked me out of her wedding. Now we no longer speak. Is that what you're looking to have happen with your friend/roommate?
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    you can really only kick her out if you plan on ending the friendship.
    in this case, she is your room mate and that would probably not be the best idea right now.

    try talking to her.. simply say you'd like to do dinner together to "catch up." you can probably do this once a month until the wedding. or honestly, she may even come out and say she doesn't want to be part of the wedding party anymore. 
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    If you kick her out, you will probably end this friendship. If you're OK with that, then I guess go for it, but otherwise, you asked her and you have to deal with that choice. If it were me, I would work on the friendship first (if you are interested in being friends still, I would work on getting that relationship back) and keep her in the wedding.

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    Is the friendship rocky because of your living situation?

    My best friend and I moved into an apartment together right after college.  I love her to death but we were not compatible to live together and things got rocky with our friendship - we started drifting apart.  We discussed things and as soon as I was able to, I moved out.  It was the best decision I ever made and I'm positive that it saved our friendship.  That was 10 years ago.  We are still best friends.  
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    I feel like it is wrong to kick her out- and yes, you will most certainly end the friendship that way.

    If she got the dress, and is willing to be a part of it and did everything within the scope of BM's duties, you really have no right to kick her out. If she flat out refused to buy the dress (for reasons other than $$) or did something malicious to you I can see maybe considering it, but no reason to kick her out just b/c you weren't as close as you once were.

    Here's something you need to take into consideration: just b/c someone is a BM a) doesn't mean they are excited about it and b) you will always be more excited about your wedding than others will. Perhaps she just isn't showing a lot of emotion. Is she single? I've had friends who were getting married and coudln't stop gushing about it- that would make any unhappy single person want to remove themselves from it. I don't know if that's her or that you are gushing or rubbing it in her face- just saying... that sometimes certain situations can make people distance themselves.

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