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Parents' gifts

I have ideas for bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, what about gifts for our parents?

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Re: Parents' gifts

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    Im having the same problem.. no clue what to get them!

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    try something nice like a pocket watch or golf balls or something that reminds you of your dad and then try a necklace or earrings or a photo frame personalized for your mom!

    or you could build them a scrapbook of the wedding from dress fittings and engagment pics to party pics
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    I got my
    mom -her jewelry for her dress and a bag with her initial on it and filled it with a album and some other goodies then im having her get a pedi and mani with me and on the day of paying for her make-up and then split a hotel room for her and my dad.

    Dad- got him a hankie that was embroidered that says " to the man who 1st taught me about love" and put my name and wedding date on it. Paid for his Tux and got the hotel room

    FMIL- Got her a Pandora bracelet & a wedding cake charm so it has meaning behind it... Got her a bag with her initials and filled it... She'll be invited for the pedi/mani as well and got her a photo album to
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    Shop for your parents and your bridal party as if it were their birthday. Cookie-cutter bridesmaid and groomsman gifts tend to be cheesy.
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    We have decided not to do individual gifts for each parent. We are going to do a present for each set, because we want to thank them for being great parents, which they did together. :)

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    we ended up getting individual gifts for each parent; it was just easier that way.

    my mom- an iPod and a board game that my dad and she used to play when they first starting dating

    my dad- a kindle with a cover

    FMIL- a pandora bracelet with her and FFIL birthstones, plus her 3 sons' initials, my initial and FI's nephew's initial

    FFIL- a year's supply of steak deliveries from Omaha Steaks
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    For the groomsmen, we purchased their tux rentals.  I know some people think this isn't an appropriate gift, but it was what his groomsmen most appreciated.

    For my girls, I purchased a Coach wristlet at the Coach outlet.  They were about $50 each, regularly $100.

    For our parents, they each received a bottle of their favorite wine.
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