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trouble with blocking hotel rooms!

Anyone else have a problem blocking hotel rooms?  I had more than enough rooms blocked at The Doubletree Hotel, all of a sudden the entire hotel is booked and I did not get all the rooms that I was promised!  Guests are callilng me asking me to do something and I can't even get a response from the Doubletree!  So frustrating!!!Yell

Re: trouble with blocking hotel rooms!

  • Never had a problem with ours as we live in a little town, but I wouldn't call, I'd go to the hotel and see whats up.

    Did you have any kind of contract or form you had to sign? We did, so if you have something like that, they need to fix something and clear things up.

    Good luck!
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  • I'd try getting a different block of rooms at a different hotel, comparable to the ones you had. Guests are asking you to do something... something doesn't always have to be what you'd originally planned.....Either that, since you can't get any response, go over there on a day off and stick it out until you can! (unless of course management isn't there that day, then that's pointless.) If you had a contract, stick to your guns, but definitely start talking to other hotels so that theres places.  reservations can always be cancelled and or changed.Cool
  • one word,

    Its amazing. You put in your info, when, where yuor getting married, max price the rooms can be and the local hotels will bid for your business. I used it and it was so much of a help. I got at least 15 bids and at VERY reasonable rates. I highly reccomend you try this and see where it takes you.
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  • I had troubles too. There are three hotels in the the little town that i live in and thier ALL completley booked. I managed to get 18 rooms booked but six are in another town about 30 minutes away friom the reception town. OUr ceremony is in the town we live in and the reception is in his home town which is also 30 minutes away. Everyone keeps telling me not to stress about it because thats to big of a stress. There is always camping if people are desperate. So ive just let it be and things are working out pretty well.
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