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How to remember a passed father of the bride

Hey ladies Im getting married next October and I have just recently lost my father.  What kinds of things can I do at my wedding to remember him by without people getting the impression that its morbid?  What should I do about the father daughter dance?

Re: How to remember a passed father of the bride

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    I have a hard time thinking about my wedding day and my Dad not being there.  I love the idea of the locket around the bouquet.  My brother will give me away and I plan on dancing with my grandfather...the saved chair with a flower is a sweet thought but I don't want to cry cause I would already miss his presence so much on that day especially.  I want to be seen as the glowing strong bride...not the poor bride who lost her Dad.  Mentioning him with the respect he deserves is always proper.  But I know he wouldn't want me crying.
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