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Opinion on Colors needed.

I just need another opinion on colors, unfortunately "the man" doesn't have one.  I'm sure you know what I mean.  How do you feel about white, greens and accents of different shades of purple and grey?  Thanks so much!
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Re: Opinion on Colors needed.

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    I like.  I just googled some inspiration boards with your color scheme.  Very nice.
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    My DD's wedding was ivory, victorian lilac,  and honeydew melon green.  It was gorgeous.
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    Sounds very pretty. What season is your wedding?
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    Those are gorgeous colors for the time of year you're getting married (spring, right?)  When you say you're using white, you mean as a color secondary to green or as an accent, right?  I personally don't like white as a predominant wedding color except on the bride.  But, very pretty color scheme!
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    Actually, my home office is eggplant purple (the walls) and a dark lime green (my sofa) and it's beautiful (IMO of course, lol)

    Diana :)
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